Last chance

The Scandinavian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference 2016 is held in Sandviken in Sweden on October 26-27. The deadline for registration is September 26 - so register today here.


The Partnership points out:


The Partnership is involved in the FCH JU transportation project, HyFIVE. Denmark will get two new hydrogen stations and over 30 cars.

HCF Nordic 2016

On October 26-27, this conference give an overview of the hydrogen and fuel cell related activities in the Nordic countries, while seeking to strengthen the cooperation within this field.

We thank the delegation fra Taiwan for the visit

Danish Succes Stories

The Partnership and our members are involved in several successful projects.


Future events:

October 19-20

Maritime Hydrogen Conference, Norway

October 25

Biogas Seminar, Munich

October 26-27

HFC Nordic Conference, Sandviken

November 10

The Danish Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Day 2016, Odense

November 23

Stakeholder Forum 2016, Brussels

November 30

ATV Sustain Conference, Lyngby

November 30

Girls' Day in Science





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