The Secretariat

The Secretariat operates the daily administration of The Partnership. Currently the Secretariat is staffed by Managing Director Tejs Laustsen Jensen, Consultant Sofie Ulrik Neergaard, Consultant Chris Holst Preuss, Communication Intern Eleonore Fenne and Student Assistant Emma Møller Husted.

On February 1st 2009 the members of The Partnership from the industrial sector, the research institutions and from network organizations took over the financial responsibility for running the Partnership. Simultaneously a secretariat was established. This was physically and structurally established as part of the Energy Branch of DI (Confederation of Danish Industries). 

In August 2010 The Partnership chose to become independent of DI. The Partnership is located at "Dansk Energi" in Copenhagen, still as an independent organisation.   




Tejs Laustsen Jensen

Managing Director of The Partnership

Phone: +45 3920 2003 

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Sofie Ulrik Neergaard

Consultant of The Partnership

Phone: +45 3920 2003
Email: sun(at)

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Chris Holst Preuss

Consultant for the Partnership

Phone: +45 3920 2003  
Email: chp(at)

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Eleonore Fenne

Communication Intern for the Partnership

Phone: +45 3920 2003  

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Emma Møller Husted

Student Assistant for the Partnership

Phone: +45 3116 8257  
Email: emh(at)

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Last updated: 02-14-2017